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Santa Service in St. Joseph's, Clonsilla with musician Tony Barrett

Santa Service in St. Joseph’s, Clonsilla with musician Tony Barrett

In addition to our once off services The Dublin Lions visit two centres regularly throughout the year.

1.St. Joseph’s Centre, which is located in Clonsilla and provides a range of services for people with a moderate, severe or profound intellectual disability.   The centre has extensively developed the range of services offered, with the primary focus being care of the elderly with one hundred and twenty five service users residing in the centre. Each residence aims to ensure that a person centered, age appropriate care is provided for each of the service users whom St. Joseph’s is home. Originally all service users residing in St. Joseph’s were female, however the centre now is home to both male and female service users.

In 2011, the SONAS project was launched. The SONAS project consists of six bungalows, a residence specifically to cater for fourteen individuals with a diagnosis of an intellectual disability and Alzheimer’s/Dementia and six individual apartments for the individuals who require a higher level of support. Each new building is specifically designed to meet the needs of the individuals residing in them.
The individualised model of care guiding the services provided in St. Joseph’s ensures that the service users are encouraged to live active and inclusive lives in their retirement years. This is achieved through a proactive approach to the health and social needs of the older person.
The centre has an extensive day activation programme. Each activation department endeavours to develop new skills or to maintain existing skills in a holistic, person centred approach. There are a variety of programs, which incorporate all aspects of the development of an individual ensuring that the physical, cognitive, spiritual, and social needs of each person are met. This is achieved through programs being differentiated to meet the individual needs of each service user.

The Activation team also supports the service users to access local amenities and participate in educational and social activities.

The activation program provides services for both the residents of St. Joseph’s and for service users who reside outside of the centre.


Service The Dublin Lions Club provide: 
The Dublin Lions Club visits St. Joseph’s four times per year. Hosting a social evening for the residents with Tony Barrett providing the live musical entertainment. Ten to twelve Dublin Lions Club members dance and chat to our guests. Our guests really get into the fun spirit of the evening, singing and reciting poems is the main part of the evening. The staff in St. Joseph’s are so kind and caring which is so evident in the style of the ladies and gentlemen on the evenings we visit, beautiful twin sets, lots of jewellery, hair accessories and lovely hand bags which are always a great source of conversation. In December every year we host an extra special evening with Santa Clause arriving to distribute gifts for all our guests.

In addition to our regular visits to St. Joseph’s we collect unwanted fashion jewellery, hair accessories and bags from friends and family to be used as prizes for their weekly bingo sessions. We have also sourced tickets for Crogh Park when Dublin are playing for some of the gentlemen for a fun day out, as they are huge Dublin supporters.

The core values that guide St. Joseph’s are Service, Respect, Excellence, Collaboration, Justice and Creativity and The Dublin Lions Club are honored to work with St. Joseph’s.


2. St Mary’s which is located on Merrion Road, Dublin 4 and provides care and accommodation to ladies of all ages with visual impairment. The Centre accommodates eighty residents and caters for four levels of care as follows:

St. Mary’s Centre Nursing Home, Consisting of
-St. Oliver’s Nursing Unit for high dependency residents
-Loyola House Nursing Unit catering for 15 visually impaired ladies of medium to high       dependency and 15 Sisters of Charity of varied dependency
-Individual apartments for independent living
-Three houses for sheltered accommodation

The Dublin Lions Club hosts a social evening four times a year for the ladies at St Mary’s. Tony Barrett provides the musical entertainment for the evening and the Dublin Lions dance, chat and sing with the ladies. We also provide refreshments during the evening. We have got to know all our guests well over the years. The ladies are very musical and enjoy doing their party pieces. One of my favorites is Breda’s Bram’s Lullaby and the Banks. In December we host a Christmas party on a Sunday afternoon which we have even more guests and soloists. It is always a fun and happy afternoon with Santa Clause making an appearance and a few Bailey’s or a glass of sherry add to the festive spirit.
St Mary’s mission is to provide a homely caring environment, encouraging independence as far as possible for those they care for and they aim to serve their residents with Human Dignity, Compassion, Justice, Quality and Advocacy, ever mindful of their cultural needs and religious practices and The Dublin Lions Club are honored to work with St Mary’s